Samsonite Cosmolite FL Luggage

Samsonite’s Cosmolite FL Hardside Luggage is touted as being the lightest and strongest hardside luggage on the travel scene which is beneficial if you’re trying to avoid airline baggage weight restrictions. Cosmolite FL cases are made from Samsonite’s polypropylene Curv® technology & feature an inbuilt TSA combination lock – this offering  will prevent Airport Security Staff from breaking your locks and potentially ruining your bags & contents as they will have a master key!

Samsonite’s Cosmolite FL shell like exterior is aesthetically pleasing but does not get by on looks alone; it also features extreme durability. The material these cases are made from is considered revolutionary in luggage, it is usually found in bullet proof vests & ski’s! Cosmolite FL is European made and is supported by an International 10 year warranty.

Cosmolite FL Hardside luggage is a best seller that makes a statement. Durable, light & stylish. Available in a multitude of colours and in the following sizes : 55cm, 69cm, 75cm & 81cm.

Get yours while stocks last at luggageGear.

Samsonite Cosmolite FL 55cm Cosmolite FL Silver 69cm Cosmolite FL 75cm Cosmolite FL 81cm

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014

So… we’re in the lead up to Father’s Day 2014 and once again I  find myself in a quest to get the perfect gift for dad. Something to show him I care… to show him I know him… something that looks expensive but is actually affordable! So what do I get him? He travels a fair bit for business and I work for a luggage retailer so the next logical step would be to buy him something travel related right?

Yes correct. But first to find the best of the best products so I’ve armed myself with some inside info (internal sales data, industry news, genuine customer feedback from our social media forums etc.) and with these invaluable details I have devised a Travel Related Gift Guide including products to make dad look schmick while in transit.

Results are in:


SuitPack is essentially a garment carrier but much more innovative than the traditional  “fold & hope your suit isn’t crushed” type of folding system! This unique suit carrying product is designed to prevent creases in garments by removing wrinkle forming conditions evident in its design. Rumour has it that any garment stored within SuitPack is “ready to wear” once unpacked. Perfect for the man that doesn’t like to iron right?


If your dad is a laptop carrying kind of guy then a pick from Samsonite’s Business SPL collection could be the ideal gift for him. This range includes a Mobile Office & Portfolio Laptop Case; both items are packed with clever features. The Mobile Office holds a laptop up to 16 inches in size, it also contains garment cross straps & a removable laptop case. The Portfolio Laptop Case fits a 17inch device, packing capacity of 13 Litres and a smart sleeve to attach to either a mobile office or upright luggage.

 Samsonite SPL 16Inchlaptop_mobile Samsonite Business SPL Laptop Smart

Ideal for a couple of nights away on business, these functional business tools have extra room for clothes, files, books and other things that dad might need while he is away.


Does your dad like standing out in the crowd? Is he a Star Wars geek? A fan of comics? Maybe he harbours a secret desire to become an Avenger (think Captain America)! If that’s the case then your dad, like mine, will have loads of fun travelling with these awesome luggage sets. Not just novelty cases, these bags are for the discerning traveller. Featuring awesome graphics (which will ensure visibility on the luggage carousel) these 4 wheel trolley cases are lightweight, hard sided and contain fixed international TSA locks.

Darth Vader 3 Piece Luggage  MarvelCaptainAmerica 3Piece Lugagge Print 3 Pce Luggage

I think I just found the ideal gift for my dad: the Captain America Cabin Case! Well it is  befitting – Happy Father’s Day to my SUPERHERO, my dad…


For more Father’s Day Gift ideas visit



Paklite Luggage 2014

Paklite’s new Cyborg, Flightweight 2, and Jet-Lite ranges hit the shelves this June, with designs that are modern, lightweight and resilient.

For durable, expandable, hardside, 4 wheeled spinner cases, look no further than Cyborg – available in 3 sizes (Cabin 58cm, Medium 68cm & Large 78cm). The  medium and large hard-sided cases are perfect for packing with 20% more capacity upon expansion.

The Cyborg Collection features an on-trend technical design for aesthetic & tactile appeal and a lightweight aluminium multi-stage trolley handle for convenience. The medium & large sizes are also fitted with TSA locks – perfect for the international traveller.


With a choice of lightweight, polycarbonate composite in colour selections of Devil Red, Carbon Grey and Cobalt Blue, these 4 wheel bags are perfect for the modern traveller.

RRP: $199 (58cm – small) $249 (68cm – medium) $279 (78cm – large) but you will never pay full price at – BUY NOW

The Flightweight 2 line is just as durable as the hardside Cyborg line but the Flightweight 2 Trolley & Cabin Duffles feature high density, micro-weave polyester rip-stop material for maximum strength while remaining among the lightest options from Paklite and the market in general.

This lightweight trolley duffle is domestic cabin size approved & includes locking, aluminium trolley handle and inline skate wheels. The Flightweight 2 luggage solution folds completely flat for storage.

LU_Paklite_Flightweight2 Duffles

This micro-light duffle is available as a 38L Trolley and a 30L Cabin – both bags are domestic cabin case approved. The Flightweight 2 Collection also includes Trolley Cases in various sizes, colours & price points all of which can fold flat for storage.

RRP from $139 but again much cheaper if you buy from luggageGear

Tired of looking at the omnipresent sea of black luggage on every airport carousel? Using  luggage straps, covers, ribbons or tags to identify your own cases?

Lose the traditional black bag and stand out from the crowd with ultra modern Jet-Lite Collection Carbon Grey, Gold Dust or Imperial Purple metallic finish bags.

In addition to its sleek, contemporary design, Jet-Lite comes with TSA security combination locks for easy travel within the United States.


Made from 100% pure polycarbonate this collection is built to last.

RRP: $299 (56cm – small) $329 (68cm – medium) $359 (78cm – large). See our specials on Jet-Lite!

Samsonite Smart Sleeve Feature

Balancing all of your luggage while travelling can be a hassle so Samsonite has developed a “Smart Sleeve” which is a feature that allows their products to do all the work for you… Samsonite’s Smart Sleeve can be found on almost all of its laptop & Carry On Bags. It allows you to take your laptop bag or travel bag off your shoulder and confidently stack it on your upright or spinner for easier mobility. Just slide the Smart Sleeve over the handle of your bigger bag and with the strap now holding the two pieces together you won’t have to worry about dropping or losing your belongings as you navigate your way through busy airports, hotels or office buildings.


The Smart Sleeve is another great innovation from Samsonite that takes the effort out of travel so you can be ready for anywhere…

Have you seen Samsonite’s Business SPL  Collection? The Smart Sleeve feature is included in each design.

Samsonite Business SPL Laptop bag

Check it Out:



Luggage Measurement Guide

Anyone who travels knows that each airline has specific guidelines about how much luggage you can check and even carry onto the plane. But if you are anything like me it was always hit and miss whether I got it right because I didn’t understand how I was meant to measure my luggage.

So, far too aware of the penalties that can be imposed these days coupled with the inconvenience of luggage that is oversize, I did some research into how luggage is measured and that is what I am going to share with you today.

Before you begin to measure your luggage the first thing that you have to do is pack it with the things that you will be taking with you.

Once you have done that just follow these easy steps to find out what size it is and whether it fits within the guidelines for the airline that you are travelling with:

1.       The luggage needs to be standing upright to make this measurement easy. Using the tape measure, find out how long the bag is when measured from the top to the bottom edges – do not include the wheels.

2.       Next, you need to find out how wide it is. This is easier to do if you lay the case on a flat surface and measure from edge to edge sideways on the back not the front of the case.

3.       Depth is the last measurement you will need to record. Take this measurement at the bottom of the bag at the side as this is where it usually is the widest. Measure the main area from front to back but do not include any pockets that may be attached to the outside.

4.       Now to find out the total size you need to add the three measurements together. The length + width + depth to find out the total size of your bag.

5.       Then compare this number to the size that the airlines require, which is usually no more than 45 linear inches, to see if your bag is to size.

6.       Lastly weigh your bag to ensure you do not exceed weight restrictions. Best way to do this is with a luggage scale which you can buy from luggageGear.


Last-minute Hotel Booking Apps

When you find yourself away from home with no accommodation booked, how do you go about finding a room? Do you jump on the web? Start making phone calls, or walk into a reasonable-looking hotel and start negotiating on rate??

In the USA, travel search provider Hipmunk is now offering metasearch (metasearch is the ability to search deals from a range of providers at the same time) on same-day hotel bookings, via iPhone and Android smartphone apps. The Hipmunk app draws information from a massive range of mobile-specific and general deal listings to find the “best” rate for that night.

The issue for Australia is that we don’t have Hipmunk or most of the other leading same-day booking apps available to us.Many online booking providers, such as Wotif and, offer smartphone apps but they mirror the content of their main sites rather than offering app-specific or dedicated same-day deals.

In a mock search for a hotel in Sydney, I compared various websites, apps and same-day booking apps and found very few variations in prices. The same Sydney based hotels listed in my results feed at exactly the same price with each new search -  no bargains anywhere. One app: Hotel Quickly, opened its bookings at noon but claimed to be “booked out” of Sydney rooms when I checked at 1.10pm.

The metasearch provider Kayak was looking like a good option (apart from its rates being in US dollars), until I clicked to book and the price went up more than 15 per cent once fees and taxes were added. I hoped to have more luck with the “local” same-day deal provider Stay Today, which opened in Australia and New Zealand just over a year ago – but it came up with only two hotel options.

My next plan was to go with Hotels Combined, which is a leading metasearch engine that claims to compare prices from hundreds of websites. The company has a smartphone app that is easy to use, with simple filters for star rating, price, facilities and other factors, but failed to come up with the best available price on one of the hotels I checked. By the time I had done all that, my phone was cluttered with apps, I’d lost a few hours and I had failed to find a one-stop solution.

To save time my advice is to pick one or two booking sites and download their (free) apps so you can use them if you need to make a booking on the go.

You could also try the tried and tested method of walking into a hotel and asking what price they can do on a room that night. Negotiating in person is not for everyone but it has its benefits, one of which is that the hotel can offer you a discount without officially dropping its rates or being seen to discount.

Good luck and happy travels!

Trunki Kids Luggage

Are you familiar with the brand Trunki? Trunki’s are those ultra-cool ride-on kid’s cases that look like animals and all kinds of other fun incarnations. It’s the luggage of choice for the under 8′s!

So what are the benefits of investing in a Trunki for your child and what do people actually pack in them? Well I have done some research for you so that I can answer these questions and more:

1.       The ultimate kiddies hand luggage

Perfect for carry-on luggage, you can fit all the bits and pieces that your child will need on  flights. They can pull their Trunki behind them on the walk to the tarmac or when they are too tired to walk (which you know will happen) instead of you carrying them with everything else you are trying to juggle they can clamber on board their Trunki and you can pull them along which is lots of fun.

2.       What to pack in the Trunki

Anything that will keep your child from getting bored on board the plane or when travelling in cars, trains, buses, ships or cars! Colouring books, crayons, pencils, books or even an iPad! Trunki is a perfect solution for keeping kidstuff all in one place.

3.       Useful all year round

When you are not travelling around the world in planes, trains and automobiles the Trunki is perfect for trips to kindy too. Drink bottles, spare clothes and lunchboxes fit in neatly and is a safe place to keep all of your child’s precious kiddy things in one place.

Trunki products can be found at:


Bisley Workwear has built its 55-year reputation as an Australian icon by providing durable, quality work clothing, industrial clothing, safety-wear, protective-wear, business clothing and casual wear for men & women.

Let’s have a closer look at the reasons why Bisley Workwear is the leading provider of work clothing in Australia…

Durable, Strong Garments:

Bisley understand the tough requirements of an industrial environment and use this knowledge in their workwear designs. Reinforced stitching, bartacks, rivets and heavy-duty materials are all standard for the durable industrial range. Some Bisley Workwear garments have Cordura Incorporated into them to enhance tear and abrasion resistance, due to the high quality, resilient Nylon yarns used to create it. They also may contain Kevlar which offers a high strength-to-weight ratio (about 5 times that of steel with the same weight), Kevlar is able to reduce the risks associated with cutting, snagging and tearing of fabrics. Bisley also offer Flame resistant, water resistant and static control fabrics as part of their workwear, safetywear & protectivewear collections.


High Visibility Material:

Bisley Safetywear High Visibility garments are developed to be seen in high-risk environments and protect you from work place hazards.

Bisley Workwear garments use High Visibility materials tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 which outlines the requirements for fluorescent capabilities. The high quality tapes and fabrics used are tried and tested to this standard to ensure you’re protected in High Risk situations.

Day/ Night  garments are developed to be worn both during the day and also at night. Hi-Vis colours accompanied with retroreflective taping offer maximum protection.

The design of garments for this Standard are based primarily on the needs of workers in situations where vehicles may be approaching them at speed, in time for any necessary safety action to be taken, or any other industrial situation of similar risk levels where workers need to be seen at distance, against a complex visual background, in conditions of poor visibility or where they may appear suddenly in the path of moving plant equipment. Garments designed to AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 must have at least 0.2m2 of high visibility fabric (AS/NZS 1906.4:2010) on the front and on the back to meet the Day and/ or Day/ Night Standard. Garments designed to AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 for Day/ Night or Night Standard must have a compliant retroreflective taping configuration in, what is commonly known as, a ‘H’ Pattern or ‘Hoop’ Pattern. High visibility material must encircle the upper body, underarm ventilation panels must be no more than 10cm wide x 10cm high.

Bisley Safety Wear - 5 in 1 Rain Jacket hi vis bomber

Sun protection:

If you are working outdoors, you consider wearing clothing with built in sun protection to protect your skin from sun damage.  The Ultraviolet Radiation transmitted through a fabric to the skin is measured and given a rating of 15 (good protection), 30 (very good protection), 50+ (excellent protection).

Bisley Workwear garments that comply to this standard provide protection against ultraviolet radiation transmitted from the sun and are tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4399:1996. The sun protection rating shown is rated at: Good Protection (UPF 15, 20), Very Good Protection (UPF 25, 30, 35), or Excellent Protection (40, 45, 50, 50+). Only areas of the body which are covered by material are protected. When the most effective sun protection is required, we recommend a garment which covers the full arm and leg area and has a sun protection rating of UPF 50+.


Keeping cool:

Bisley recognises the need for developing lightweight, breathable garments and have added mesh ventilation to key perspiration points on some garments. Bisley Heat Management garments treated with coldblack technology reduce the absorption of heat rays from the sun, particularly in dark colours, keeping you cooler in hot weather. If you choose the Hydrophilic workwear you can say goodbye to the discomfort of wet, sweaty clothes. This unique clothing draws the perspiration from the skin through to the outside layer of the garment to keep you dry.

2 tone light

Easy fit garments:

No need to be concerned about size or being uncomfortable with “stretch” built into garments to give everyone a comfortable range of movement. With a broad range of clothing to fit many situations and a vast array of sizing for men and women everyone can find what he or she needs for the workplace environment from Bisley. offers a large range of Bisley products at great prices. To check out availability and to see the specials that we have on offer make sure that you visit our Bisley category.


Best Student Laptop Backpacks

Every Uni student knows: choosing the right backpack is crucial. After all, the student and the bag haul a lot around campus each day; at least a laptop or tablet (sometimes both), maybe a charger, cable, smartphone, MP3 player, books, tablet, water bottle, notepads, pens, gym clothes and who knows what else! On top of being useful, the backpack has to show off a person’s individuality too…Backpack styles these days, whilst still being practical, often take design cues from the fashion world so now Uni students can carry themselves and their devices à la mode.

If you’re ready to purchase a new laptop backpack what are the key features to look for? Quality construction from an established brand is a good starting place. From there, you’ll want adjustable shoulder straps, room to accommodate your laptop or tablet, plenty of pockets, and perhaps a water-resistant coating. Some packs come with MP3 player pockets and external pockets to house water bottles and sunglasses! Then it mostly comes down to design, colour  & price.

We’ve reviewed 5 of the best laptop backpacks to help you achieve an easy, hip and affordable return to study in 2014:


For the student with an eye for colour the High Sierra Zooka Zooka may be an ideal choice. Not only is it available in  Black/Charcoal/white, Royal Blue/White  or Charcoal/Chartreuse this  39 Litre laptop backpack sports all the pockets and compartments a student could need. It contains a  fully padded cushion zone compartment for a 17 inch laptop, adjustable compression straps, reflective strips for added safety, key fob, mesh beverage pockets and front compartment with headphone port and best of all the main compartment offers plenty of room for books and files.

High Sierra Zooka Zooka Blue/whiteHigh Sierra Zooka Zooka Black/Charcoalzooka chart

EASTPAK Authentic Collection Returnity Padded Pakr

The Eastpak Authentic Collection Returnity Padded Pakr 15 inch laptop backpack oozes street smart style with real functionality. This leather-trimmed backpack features dual leather lash tags and a base made of heavy grade leather. The internal compartments of the bag contain a dedicated, fully padded laptop space which holds devices up to 15 inches in size. High-density foam pads protect the shoulders and a comfortable padded back panel provides spinal support. There is a zippered front pocket to stash small stuff and a top carry handle makes the pack easy to lift. Best of all Eastpak offers a 30 Year warranty!

EastpakEastpak rear view Eastpak Returnity Backpack

WENGER SA3110 Laptop Backpack

Does going away to school mean getting on an airplane? The Wenger SA3110 laptop backpack can speed up any student’s time spent in the airport security line, thanks to its TSA-compliant compartment containing a unique, quick recognition scan smart window  which leads to an interior pocket organiser, MP3 holder, detachable key chain fob and divider for pens, pencils etc. An elastic tab on the shoulder strap keeps sunglasses securely and conveniently accessible. There is also an external MP3 port.  Dual, external, elasticised mesh pockets on the sides of the bag expand to secure various sized water bottles and multi panel airflow design provides extra padding for comfort and maximum back support. The ergonomically designed shoulder strap system will make this backpack easy to carry for long treks to the other side of campus.

Wenger SA3110 Laptop BackpackWenger SA3110 Laptop Backpack Grey


If you’re the type of student that never removes your headphones and has a minimalist sense of style, the Caribee College 40 X-Tend is a great pick. This bag features an audio pocket which offers a handy headphone cord port for staying connected. The internal aluminium frame and X-tend harness system keeps the look of the backpack interesting. A zippered and padded laptop compartment holds a 17 inch laptop and the internal compartment is A4 compatible. Thanks to water-resistant, high density material construction, neoteric Wenger wearing audiophiles will be good to go in all sorts of weather.

Caribee X-Tendcaribee x

Samsonite Viz Air

Ready to go from light trails to urban jungle? Shutterbugs will love the Samsonite Viz Air and its large capacity that easily fits a DSLR, 15 inch laptop and a pair of large headphones. When in use, this backpack will protect your goods against knocks and scratches with its 3 air bumpers for superior laptop protection.  Also includes a neoprene organiser pocket, quick stash pocket and side water bottle pockets plus a dedicated tablet sleeve with soft brushed poly lining . The Viz Air laptop backpack can hold most gear a young academic could need.

 Samsonite Viz Air Laptop BackpackSamsonite Viz Air Laptop Backpack - open view

All of these bags and more are available now at luggagegear

Novel ways to get through Valentine’s Day


Red roses. Giant teddy bears. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. Yep, like it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. While Michael Hill Jeweller and florists everywhere are busy watching the oncoming cash wave that the St Valentine’s tide brings in every February 14, romantic dinners and long weekends away are predicted to be the most popular ways to celebrate this year.Whether you’re embracing or running screaming from the universal day of love, we’ve gathered some handy resources to get you through.

  • Lock down a last-minute date with this round-up of events in Sydney for V.Day – think high tea on a rose-covered balcony; champagne, tapas and a flick under the stars; and a sinful chocolate master class.

  • And make sure you’re well versed in who pays on that dinner date, no matter where you are in the world.

Not quite Nigella

  • Heading off on an adventure? Read these tips for couples’ travel first.

As for me? I’ll be on a hot date with a bottle of wine, my husband and our 2 toddlers :-|