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Pelican Case | Protective Case

Pelican Case | Protective Case.

Pelican Case | Protective Case

Pelican cases, designed by Pelican products, are molded plastic containers that seal with an airtight and watertight gasket. Pelican cases include a barometric relief valve made of Gore-Tek to prevent barotauma to the case, during transportation, or when the air pressure in the environment may change.

Most Pelican cases comply with US Military, NATO, IEC, and ATA standards for waterproofing, stacking, impact, and durability. Standards that Pelican cases comply with include Mil-STD C4150-J for waterproofing, IEC IP67 rating indicating complete sealing against dust and sealing against water immersion to 1 metre, as well as ATA300 rating indicating compliance with Air transport Acc standards for durability in shipping. Pelican cases feature a lifetime guarantee.


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